Angad Hundal Memorial Award

Angad Hundal Memorial Award is an annual award amounting CAD $5000. It will be given towards the higher education of a Nova Scotia teenager, who fulfills the criteria established for this award. The applicants will be judged by the qualities like self-discipline, empathy, compassion, patience, tolerance, being just, helpfulness, open-mindedness, authenticity, consistency, perseverance and last but not the least the respect. Founders recognize that these qualities are difficult to define or measure by any tests but will make extensive effort to evaluate the candidates and select the winner in a justifiable manner. Though the award is being released for applicants, it is still at a very conceptual level and will undergo rigorous evaluation, development, growth and evolution over the years. Founders are determined to get it critiqued and make changes as they grow and evolve. Any high school student who believes that he or she is a good human being is requested to apply for the award. It is also identified by the founders that students in high school are still on a path to discover themselves and some of the greatest may still be unaware of their own potential or qualities, so teachers are requested to encourage the students they deem befitting.

A sincere and truthful application is the first step towards winning!

Application Deadline
April 30
August 14
Award Distribution
September 22

Applications are available in both digital and PDF format in the application section.
Submit application online and email the supporting documents to
Online submission will give you a reference/application number which should be written on each supporting document. Application dead line: April 30th of every year.
Results: August 14th same year
Disbursement: September 22nd same year.

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