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Society is becoming complex and complicated because of competitive and proliferative growth in social, psychological, intellectual and commercial fields. Human race is advancing itself in every field and in the process disturbing the balance of the Nature. As much as we need to advance and grow, keeping a balance in life is very important. Also, it is imperative to follow the basic rules, principles and ethics to take our future in the right direction. All of us have seen many examples on various platforms when our youngster behaved in less than decent manner. It is not only the behavior of offenders that is disturbing; the social reaction to that behavior is as alarming. Hate is encountered by more hate and anger-by-anger. Accepting responsibility and forgiveness are two key ingredients to bring change in behavior but appear missing. Social media has brought another class of humans to the front, called haters, which gives us a glimpse of how our society is in chaos at a deep intellectual level. It is a recognized fact that one is the center of one’s own universe and how our perception of others is mostly a reflection of ourselves than the latter.

We reached this stage because a silent majority among us who navigates their lives doing the right thing choose to be observers only. Most of the kind and gentle, feel powerless in front of the loud and the rowdy. Examples are best seen in high schools and continue to be in play in our society at different levels. There are many awards to recognize competitive and extrovert but not so many for the introvert and humane. This award is an attempt to empower the latter and provide a platform.

Though nature and nurture both play a dominating role in initial development, consistent personality develops from high self-esteem, which in turn evolve from positive self-image. Those who respect themselves also respect other’s right to be respected. Self-respect comes from constant effort to improve oneself by having the ability to differentiate right from wrong at every step in life and standing by the right. Ability to differentiate right from wrong in turn comes from analysis, relating cause and effect and learning from consequences. There must be many youngsters with this capability who may not be expressing themselves because of variety of reasons.

Are there some youngsters in our schools who believe in humanity’s good values and have a balanced vision but are silent and unrecognized due to lack of expression? We want to find such hidden jewels amongst our teenagers and recognize, encourage and promote them as role models for others. Cognitive development of humans is a long process and takes years of experience, learning and growth but signs of developing into an exemplary character are best seen at young age.

If you are one such individual or know someone who fits the profile, please apply or nominate for this award. It will be the first step towards a long journey to change the notion from ‘good ones finish last’ to ‘good ones come first’.

Dr. Simardeep & Jagdeep S. Hundal (Parents)

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