Name: Lindsey Puddicombe
School: Charles P. Allen High School, Bedford

2nd Angad Hundal Memorial Award (2017)

Angad Hundal Society is pleased to announce Lindsey Puddicombe of Charles P. Allen High School, Bedford, NS as winner of 2017 Angad Hundal Memorial Award.

Scholarship received 157 very competitive applications, which were assessed individually, and collectively on the parameters set. Though there is just one winner at the end, quality of applicants did not make it easy to choose.

We are very thankful to all of the applicants and their referees for their time and interest. We are also hoping that application process allowed you to explore your believes and was rewarding in some ways.

Lindsey Puddicombe lives in Waverley, NS with her parents and sister. She just completed her grade 12 at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford and will study Bachelor of Science at Dalhousie University. Along with being good in academics, playing sports, volunteering and working jobs, she comes across as a deep thinker, polite, keen observer, kind and caring person.

We congratulate her for winning the 2nd Angad Hundal Memorial Award with the hope that she will keep up the expectations of herself keep demonstrating the qualities, highest of a human.

Angad Hundal Society is very grateful to all school board members, councillors and teachers for their support in sharing information and spreading the word. Your continued support makes it worth the effort!

Name: Noah Shields
School: Halifax Christian Academy

1st Angad Hundal Memorial Award (2016)

Angad Hundal Memorial Award is pleased to announce Noah Shield of Halifax Christian Academy as the winner this year.

Scholarship received 116 very impressive applications in the first year which were assessed on the parameters set for the award. Award criteria is designed to stimulate insight and self growth in youth and we were pleasantly surprised upon receiveing high volume of very insightful and intellectually competent applications. We are grateful to all the students, who put extreme effort in expressing themselves through the questionnaire and essay, for sharing their stories and struggles. It is a priviledge to know all of you through your writings, you are all winners for believing in yourself, fighting the odds and choosing the right path.

Noah Shields lives in the town of Mineville in Nova Scotia with his parents and younger brother and was raised with strong morals. He fitted into the criteria effortlessly, as he also believes that improvement in the world starts with improving oneself! He is intelligent, kind, considerate, humble, grateful, proud, curious and funny.

After graduation from Halifax Christian Academy he have joined an aviation course in Prairie Bible School in Three Hills, Alberta to realize his dream of being a mission and commercial pilot. To be an awesome husband to his wife and an awesome dad to his kids is also on the list for future!

We congratulate him for winning the 1st Angad Hundal Memorial Award. May he be a great role model and spread the light!

Angad Hundal Society is very grateful to all school board members, councilors and teachers for their support in sharing information and spreading the word. It would not have happened without you!

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