Angad Hundal Memorial Award

Angad Hundal Memorial Award

To understand the requirements, visit ‘Angad Hundal Memorial Award’ in Scholarships and Awards tab.

Please send the Completed application, by mail, Canada Post or any courier. It should include

  1.   Printed Information form
  2.   Copy of your school-issued, latest photo ID
  3.   Completed Questionnaire
  4.   Essay
  5.   Three reference letters, duly signed and sealed by the referee.

How to Apply:

  By Mail (only): Complete and print information form and send by mail along with a copy of photo ID, three reference letters, signed and sealed by the referees in envelops, all as one package.

Mail to:
Angad Hundal Society
52 Worthington Pl
Bedford, NS, B4A 0C5

Application packages received after the deadline will be accepted if they are post marked before or at May 31st.

Send any inquiries by email to [email protected]

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