Angad Hundal Memorial Award

Angad Hundal Memorial Award

Angad Hundal Memorial Award is an annual scholarship amounting CAD $5000. It is given towards the higher education of a Nova Scotia teenager, who fulfills the criteria established for this award. The applicants will be judged by the qualities considered highest of a human. For example; self-discipline, empathy, compassion, patience, tolerance, fairness, helpfulness, open-mindedness, authenticity, consistency, perseverance and last but not the least, respect. Angad Hundal Society recognizes that these qualities are difficult to define, or measure by tests. Extensive efforts will be made in assessing applications to find the winner. Criteria will be critiqued and improved by making changes as needed.

All high school students within the age group 16-19 years can apply.

A sincere and truthful application is the first step towards winning!

Application deadline: May 31st (Deadline is moved by one month this year due to delay in opening applications)
Results: August 14th
Disbursement: September 22nd


Age: Below 19 years at the time of application
Education: High school. (Grade 11 and 12 students can apply)
Academic Award/Honours: No bearing on results but mention to complete the profile.

Completed application form, questionnaire and Essay.

The essay should describe the applicant’s understanding and vision of oneself, one’s immediate circle and family, siblings and close friends. It should describe one’s vision of society, area, town, province, country, the earth, world and complete existence. The cognitive development of a teenager will be considered in the assessment.
There is no word limit and the candidate can choose to write on any topic of their liking if they want. Uniqueness and originality will be valued.

References: Provide three letters of support from teachers, coaches or other individuals in the position of authority, who personally know you for minimum of 2 years.

Three reference letters are mandatory and applications without it will be disqualified.

Send any inquiries by email to [email protected]

Go to the ‘Apply’ tab and select the 'Angad Hundal Memorial Award' to start the application.