Result - EMERGE’ scholarship

Result - EMERGE’ scholarship

Name: Abby Demeyere
School: Glace Bay High School

1st EMERGE Award (2019)

Angad Hundal Society is happy to announce Abby Demeyere of Glace Bay High, Nova Scotia as the winner of first Emerge Award.

Abby faced serious challenges in her childhood and has shown a remarkable ability to endure and push through all difficulties not just by helping herself but also her younger siblings. She chose to emerge stronger and wiser because of her circumstances and embraced every opportunity to learn and grow. We are very happy and proud to select her as the winner of first Emerge scholarship. She embodies and represents the true spirit of this award.

We also want to thank and congratulate the teachers and councillors at GBH who helped Abby through her journey and wish her very best as she pursues Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment at Cape Breton University.

The quote below from Abby’s application describes why she is the winner!

My life has been eighteen years of trials and struggles and there were so many things that I could’ve used as a reason to completely give up on myself, but I didn't. I continued to push forward and I became the hero of my own story, and I refuse to think of myself as anything less than that.