‘EMERGE’ Scholarship

‘EMERGE’ Scholarship

While evaluating hundreds of applications received for the Angad Hundal Memorial Award in the first three years, we realized that there are many students who face challenging circumstances due to broken families, mental health, illness, loss or abuse. Most of the students showed persistence and resilience in dealing with these challenges and overcame them with determination. It was noticed that though these applicants did not fit into the criteria for Angad Hundal memorial award, they definitely showed remarkable ability to work through struggles and deserve appreciation.

Angad Hundal Society is pleased to announce a new scholarship ‘The Emerge’ which will be awarded for the higher education of a Nova Scotia student who has faced challenging circumstances in life and emerged victorious.

Scholarship Amount: CAD $ 2500
Application Deadline: May 31st (Deadline is moved by one month this year due to delay in opening applications)
Results: August 14th
Disbursement: September 22nd

All Nova Scotia students pursuing post-secondary education can apply.
There is no age limit for the applicants.
Enrollment in a higher education program is required.

The applicant should write a letter describing the circumstances focusing on but not limited to the following 7 areas.

  1.    The challenges faced
  2.    Causes of challenging circumstances
  3.    How it affected the applicant
  4.    How did he/she approached the challenges
  5.    What is the outcome
  6.    Analysis of your circumstances in hindsight
  7.    People who helped

Two reference letters are required

Please send inquiries related to EMERGE scholarship by email: [email protected]

Go to ‘Apply’ tab and select The EMERGE to start the application.